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Each recording is 60 minutes long for maximum impact and normally sell for $39 each.
The Storytelling Blueprint ™
 Course For Coaches, Consultants & Experts
The Complete Training to Incorporating Storytelling Into Everything Else You Do Without Coming Off “Sleazy,” Pushy, or Cliché!

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  • The Complete Storytelling Blueprint Training ($197 value)
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  • ​Free Bonus #3: Hidden Persuasion Secrets Pack ($77 value)
  • ​Free Bonus #4: The Confidence & Charisma Guide ($27 value)
  • Free Bonus #5: Rapport Hooks ($27 value)
  • Free Bonus #6: The Mind Reading Blueprint ($27 value)
  • ​Free Bonus #7: The Trifecta of Power  ($97 value)
  • ​Free Bonus #8: Unlimited Access To  The Private Facebook Group ($297 value)

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 The "Vocal Weapon" Mini Training ($47 value FREE)

In this short (but informative)
mini training you will discover:

  • A simple exercise that instantly gives your voice power and authority so others pay attention to what you have to say.
  • The exact pace that all highly influential speakers speak at which keeps their audience hooked on their every word.
  • What you need to know about how you breathe when you speak so every sentence is delivered flawlessly.
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"Knows his stuff"

Thanks so much for all your training. 

Thanks for the offers you send, to learn more of the training. I study and practice every day. I love your work! I study and practice your materials adamantly. 

I will continue my studies with you, and advance my level of knowledge and skill. Thank You so much for all you do!

- Tony Spinelli
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