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The Storytelling Blueprint

The Complete Guide to Incorporating Storytelling Into Everything Else You Do Without Coming Off  “Sleazy,” Pushy, or Cliché!
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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Critical plot techniques and a complete discussion of “the hero’s battle” and how framing that battle can make or break the effectiveness of your story. 
  • One innovative storytelling technique you’ll use to solve complex problems in your business and beyond.  
  • Quick communication secrets essential for framing, introducing, or closing offers. You’ll learn 15+ quick tricks you can use to spark the “I’m interested” mindset of anyone, anywhere
  • The 12+ vital elements that transform your informational content into compelling, can’t stop thinking about it storytelling…
  • Brainstorming 101 – Coming up with ideas, understanding your key message, and realizing how to blend your message into the needs, wants, and goals of your audience…
  • 5 key components of storytelling, how to integrate them into business, and how to use them to improve prospect, customer, and even employee relationships…
  • 9 narrative forms you think are stories but actually aren’t.
  • Instant Triggers ($77 value)
  • Verbal Packaging Power ($77 value)
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