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Dear Friend,

You're on this page because you understand how important the skills of influence and persuasion are.

You might even understand that they are bar none the ABSOLUTE two most important skills you can have.

Maybe you even understand that without those two skills everything else is almost meaninglessness.

Your talent, experience, education and hard work ethic will only get you so far.

You need the ability to effectively communicate those things.

And you need the ability to get people to get people to say "yes, I'm on your side" or "yes, I'll buy that" or "yes, here's my money."

Bottom need the ability to get people to comply with you.

The question then becomes..
How Exactly Do I Become Persuasive?
(Especially If I'm Shy or Introverted)
Enter The Master of InfluenceTraining System.

It’s based on 20 years of research and experience in the real world.

It’s where all my prized students are learning cutting edge techniques and strategies.

This is not the stuff you’ll learn in a psychology class or some 3 dollar persuasion book on Amazon.

It’s a unique system that will equip you with the EIGHT INFLUENTIAL SUPER POWERS you need to master the art of influence and persuasion.

Miss the mark on any of these and I can promise you will not be a Master of Influence.

Rather you’d be more like a master novice.

You know ... someone who studies a few techniques or watches a video here and there but doesn’t really have high level skills.

Look there’s nothing wrong with that and if that’s your thing, cool.

I’m not judging.

But if you’re looking for something more serious then this is what you need.

The realm of Influence Mastery is based on 8 INFLUENTIAL SUPER POWERS.

They include...
  • Super Power #1: Street Psychology - The ability to size up people and situations in the real world and decide  - based on context, environment and circumstance - which technique or strategy will work best. This is the underground version of psychology your college professor didn’t teach you.
  • Super Power #2: Influence & Persuasion - The ability to understand what makes people say “yes”. Often times it’s the complete opposite of what conventional wisdom tells us.
  • Super Power #3 Rapport - The ability to create a connection with others making them feel comfortable and attracted to you.
  • Super Power #4: ​Verbal Language Part One - The ability to use your words to captivate people through the use of storytelling and persuasive speech.
  • Super Power #5: ​Verbal Language Part Two - The ability to indirectly influence thoughts and behaviors through the use of hypnotic language and NLP.
  • ​Super Power #6: Non Verbal Language - The ability to read the minds of others based on their body language and also project confident & authoritative body language yourself.
  • Super Power #7: ​Negotiation - The ability to get what you want without getting suckered into deals and agreements you’ll later regret.
  • ​Super Power #8: The Strategic Alliance - The ability to build a tribe or network of followers that you can rely on for intelligence, assistance and resources when needed.
Learn these SUPER POWERS and you’ve mastered the art and science of Influence Mastery.

And that’s why I’ve spent roughly half of my life creating training programs that will ensure you do just that.

They include:
Street Psychology 101
Includes 1 audio & 1 video module
$97 Value
The Code of Influence
Includes 12 audios & 1 PDF guide
$97 Value
  • Truth About Influence - Discover the facts about influence and why most teachings on it are critically flawed... so you don't make pointless mistakes.
  •  Persuasion vs. Influence - Many people think persuasion and influence are the same... which they are not. Here you'll learn the difference between the two and how to use each one to your advantage... the correct way.
  •  Compliance vs. Conversion - Here I'll share the difference between changing a person's thought process and changing their entire belief system. This will skyrocket the amount of agreements your get from people.
  •  The Power Pre-factor - Here I'll reveal the factor which makes you appear powerful in the eyes of your target before they even meet you. Power leads to respect... which leads to the trust needed for people to follow your commands.
  •  The Triune Brain - Here I'll introduce to a little known map of the brain, developed by a leading neuroscientist in the 1960's, which shows you how people really make decisions.
  •  Information Processing Routes - People process information in one of two ways. Here I'll reveal both so that you can tailor your presentation and always get your desired outcome.
The Advanced Code of Influence
Includes 1 PDF guide
$37 Value
Maverick Persuasion
Includes 1 PDF guide, 10 videos and 10 audios,
$147 Value
  •  The key to planting a positive image of yourself in the mind of the person you want to persuade before you even speak to them.
  •  How to create a position of power when you speak to people so they respect and listen to you.
  • The best possible source of credibility and how you can use it advantageously to attract people to you.
  • The secret source of inherit power that transcends time in terms of persuading people.
  •  How to effectively become a guru in area so people seek you out and want to be persuaded by you.
  •  Motivational Triggers and how you can use them to instantly get people to take the action that you want them to.
  • The Socratic Method of getting inside the mind of someone and how you can use it to make them persuade themselves to listen to you.
The Authority Code
Includes 10 video training modules, 10 audios & 1 PDF guide
$147 Value
  • How you can become any authority in any niche, no matter where you are now, where you have been, or what your qualifications are simply by following a set of established psychological patterns and concepts tested and proven after years of research and analysis…
  •  Authority Explained – The subliminal response few question but everyone is influenced by. Discover the true difference between authority figures and everyone that follows by studying the psychology of authority you can use to influence anyone…
  •  Why 66% of subjects in laboratory tests will actually blindly follow an authority beyond the point where their actions are no longer accepted within cultural norms or moral code…
  •  7 ways to harness the power of “snap judgment respect” – Most decisions to follow authority occur within a split second, understand these 7 principles and gain respect instantly…
  •  4 voice techniques for subconscious authority positioning and techniques you can use to reposition the way you think to gain immediate respect and the attention of any audience…
  •  Your “Authority Persona” Checklist – A complete breakdown of the steps you’ll follow to establish your authority as a leader and convince your audience to listen...
Rapport Boot Camp
Includes 12 video training modules, 12 audios and 1 PDF guide
$147 Value
  • Dozens of practical uses for rapport in your everyday life... and... little-known scenarios where you might want to break rapport (This is critical if you want to avoid getting stuck at a conference with a tire kicker who's wasting your time when you could be out nurturing your ideal prospects...)
  •  How to establish an instant connection with anyone... (no matter how different from you they might be)... so that you can experience greater success in your personal and professional life…
  •  The 3 perceptual positions you must first understand before you can build rapport and persuade others… and… how to use your awareness of someone else’s needs, wants, and goals to your advantage...
  •  Methods of using hypnotic language to build rapport in your personal relationships and ultimately spark new friendships, increase the love and commitment in your marriage, get your kids to listen to you, and much, much more…
  •  Simple, straightforward NLP techniques and psychological “hacks” you can leverage in business to nail the interview, get your dream job, convince your colleague that your process is best, and generate more sales. Best of all, they’ll believe it was all their idea…
  •  TONS of real-world scenarios you encounter each day and how to apply the step-by-step guidance in this bootcamp to create rapport between yourself and even the most hard-to-get-along-with people in your personal and business life..
The Resistance Reversal Blueprint
Includes 1 PDF guide
$27 Value
  • 3 reasons why resistance will frequently stand in your way if you’ve set your sights on a powerful goal and the exacting resistance response that will ALWAYS overcome objections, preventative action, and argument…
  •  Exactly why defending your position will impact your influence every time and the reason why you’re having trouble convincing others to embrace the perspective you need them to take to achieve your goals…
  •  Argument Vs. Adaptation – The vital difference that 90% of people don’t know and almost every successful influencer needs to embrace to change opinions and win over the minds of others…
  •  How to identify your subject’s core system and 5 specific and exampled ways you can use their own core system to your influential advantage…
  •  Dozens of ways you can gain trust both instantly with first conversational impressions and through longer dialog…follow through multiple conversational examples to see and practice these psychological principles…
  •  An “end argument before it even starts” strategy that eliminates the strict position-taking most subjects use to frame their world view (Note: If you apply NOTHING ELSE from this guide, just use this technique to almost always get what you want)…
  •  Conversational keys to genuineness and tactical trust building that leaves you with the influence you need in conversation after conversation (just apply no more than 4 psychological principles…
The Rapport Patterns Blackbook
Includes 1 PDF guide
$27 Value
  • Learn ten hypnotic language patterns that instantly create a connection with anyone making you a magnet they are attracted to.
  • Melt any kind of resistance and create instant connections.
The Storytelling Blueprint
Includes 1 PDF guide, 10 audios and 10 videos.
$297 Value
  • 3 types of stories essential for your repertoire…you’ll discover exactly when you should use each type…
  • How to use set stories about overcoming obstacles, finding success, or starting up to define core values, motivate customers or employees, and create a broader meaning for your business…
  • Where to actually find the information you’ll use in your stories and how to effectively convey complex emotions about your mission, USP, and more that will resonate with audiences…
  • ​When you should and shouldn’t use customers in your stories and how making the wrong choice can lead to long-term failure for your business…
  • ​10+ hidden (but extremely valuable) “story search locations” where you’ll find inspiration and ideas for stories to start presentations, inject into pitches, or motivate people…
Persuasive Speakology
Includes 1 PDF guide, 20 audios and 20 videos.
$397 Value
  • Walk Into A Room & Instantly Own It.
  • Magnetize People Toward You.
  • Reduce Resistance In People & Make Them Receptive To Your Message.
  • ​Make Anyone Like You In Seconds.
  • ​Reduce Resistance In People & Make Them Receptive To Your Message.
  • ​Disarm Even The Most Stubborn People And Make Them Agreeable.
  • ​Be The Trusted Authority That Others Look Up To.
  • ​​Be Able To Flawlessly Articulate Your Message
The Stealth NLP Training System
Includes 5 PDF guides
$67 Value
  • The Feedback Mechanism and how you can use it to instantly understand what someone else is thinking so you can alter your approach if necessary
  •  The Behavior Gauge and how you can use it to understand what someone's gestures and actions say about what they're thinking.
  •  The Emotional Gauge and how you can use it to understand what someone is feeling so you can trigger the desired emotion that makes them comply.
  •  The Art of Subconscious Direction and how you can use it to direct the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others
  •  Simple Substitutions and how you can use them lower resistance through switching and deletion. 
  •  The Third Position and how you can use to make your subject come up with the solution to a problem so they feel as though they've won.
  •  Strategic Agreement and how you can use it to create consistent rapport when communicating with others.
  •  Hypnotic Intrusion and how you can use it to reduce resistance by interrupting the subject’s thought train and creating an "acceptance gap".
  •  The Angle Adjustment Technique which shows you how to present a viewpoint that utilizes the subject’s context and logic but only to the extent that it benefits the speaker (you).
Advanced Hypnotic Language Boot Camp
Includes 20 video training modules, 20 audios, PDF & 3 bonus trainings
$742 Value
  •  Easily-applied advice you can use to enhance hypnotic practice with clients, master the art of argument, increase influence, or develop what some people call “natural leadership” (HINT: “natural leaders” really use subconscious cues to guide people)…
  •   The key to unlocking, influencing, and guiding the unconscious mind. Discover multiple perspectives, approaches, research-backed ideas, and real-world tested prompts proven to create trance states through language…
  •  Step-by-step, copy and paste instructions show you how to guide a subject into trance state, influence their subconscious mind, and complete the entire hypnotic process without them ever knowing it…
  •  A better understanding of the world of sales, marketing, persuasion and more. After you’ve read each of the 20 guided chapters, completed the included exercises, and followed real-world examples, you’ll understand how hypnotic language impacts your life every day…
  •  Methods you’ll use daily to convince absolutely anyone, help more people understand your perspective, and encourage others to follow you…
The Deception Code
Includes 10 video training modules, 10 audios &PDF
$147 Value
  • The key strategy to making a deceptive person feel comfortable around you so you can accurately begin to read them.
  •  A simple technique used by hostage negotiators that instantly gets people to open up to you.
  •  A super sneaky technique that completely catches a liar of guard and begins putting you in control
  •  The three types of questions you can use to pull information out of people and when you should use them
  •  The corner stone strategy that will separate this program from all other mind reading programs on the market
  •  How to read a person’s emotions based on their vocal tone
  •  The same speech analysis formula used by the Secret Service and how you can use it to read a person’s mind while they speak
  •  A key giveaway in how a person tells you a story that instantly indicates deception
  •  A key giveaway in how a person tells you a story that instantly indicates deception
Unspoken Power -
The Definitive Guides To Reading Body Language
Includes 2 PDF guides
$54 Value
  • Detect deception when someone is trying to hold information from you or lie to you
  •  Persuade people more easily because you understand what they need by reading their body language during a conversation
  •  Discover what a person really thinks about you or your ideas… And planning ahead if you want to stay on top of the situation.
  •  Achieve your goals easily and effortlessly by persuading other people – through the power of body language
  •  Gain the confidence to talk to anyone, anytime knowing that you will never be in the dark about what the other person is really saying and thinking about you
  •  Be in complete control of social situations, even if you have to interact with people that you have never met or spoke to before
  •  Diffuse power players before they get the upper hand
  •  Equalize social situations so you would be able to influence people more easily
  •  Grab opportunities quickly when you see such opportunities when you speak to other people
  •  Turn the tables when you are at a disadvantage during a meeting, conference, presentation or even in a plain conversation
Maverick Negotiation
Includes 2 PDF guides and 10 audios
$147 Value
  • The two things every negotiator must know before he/she even dares to enter into a bargain battle with anyone
  • A glimpse into the same techniques that the US Government used to get the Mexican Government to hand over 50 million dollars in the 1980’s
  • The same strategy that former US President George Bush used to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait
  • How to deal with power player negotiators that have more knowledge than you on a particular subject
  •  Be in complete control of social situations, even if you have to interact with people that you have never met or spoke to before
  • The key to protecting yourself from ever settling for less than you really want in any negotiation.
  •  Equalize social situations so you would be able to influence people more easily
  • How to “re-ignite” a negotiation that has been deadlocked because bother party wants to give in to the other
  •  Turn the tables when you are at a disadvantage during a meeting, conference, presentation or even in a plain conversation
The Alliance Code
Includes 1 PDF guide, 10 videos and 10 audios
$247 Value
  • One tiny tweak that you can make to the way that you smile at others that completely mesmerizes them and lowers their guard making them open to you and your message.
  • The “Glued Eyes” technique and how you can use it to draw out feelings of respect and affection from others by simply looking at them
  • The “Boss Profile” and how to use it to exude confidence when in the presence of others (even if you’ve never been the boss of anyone or anything in your life).
  • The “Warm Glow” and how you can use it to make people feel exclusive and special so they desire to be in your presence more than anyone else in the world.
  • The “Credibility Code” and why this essential piece of the puzzle can either make or break your sphere of influence.
  • The Art of Power Speech and how learning what questions not to ask and instead using a more hypnotic approach can position you as a power player.
  • The key to always having the right answers on hand when someone asks you a question so you seem prepared, confident and ready to accept opportunities.
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